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The "Private Franchising" industry streamlines distribution by providing:

    Efficient one-step channels of distribution for major corporations
    Incentive buying and personalized shopping for consumers
    Ongoing income for Independent Business Owners (IBOs)

Private franchises are one-step distribution businesses that provide outsourcing for major corporations and ongoing income for Independent Business Owners (IBOs), who build member / subscriber / client bases for incentive buying and electronic commerce.

Private franchising streamlines the distribution process. The traditional distribution chain consumes 65-70% of a product's retail price. Fortune 500 and other companies channel their products directly to IBOs who have positioned themselves in the marketplace by being loyal consumers and expanding the client base.

We currently represent 600+ corporations and 7,000+ products and services. By short-cutting the distribution through a private franchise, 65 to 75 cents on the dollar, in the form of income and savings, is available to IBOs and clients.