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"Private Franchising" combines successful marketing trends and the latest technology:

As downtown shopping districts lost ground to neighborhood shopping malls, who lost sales to strip malls and catalogs, the Sam's Clubs and Costcos revolutionized retailing in the '70s and '80s. The stack-it-deep, sell-it-cheap formula made billionaires of the Walton family, as they represented one of the fundamental shifts in retailing that has occurred since World War II. Now, we’re on the verge of another revolution.
In today’s busy world, where people have less time with family and friends, we're discovering that time, not money, is the most valuable commodity. Why else would people pay $15 to have a pizza delivered to their home when they could drive down to the store and buy one for $5? Time and convenience are more valuable than money. With this change in values, we’re seeing an explosion in the area of catalogs, online shopping and electronic commerce.
Like most, will you merely spend money on this form of business? Why not capitalize on the trend?

Did you invest in the acreage of farmland that later became a subdivision? Did you buy Wal-Mart stock in 1970 and become a multi-millionaire? Did you buy Microsoft stock in 1986 and experience a financial windfall? Where were you in 1992, when AOL began issuing stock? What about stock? While it's all the rage now-and perhaps a classic case of too little information much too late-what kind of vision did you have only a few short years ago?

If you missed those trends, you're not the only one with 20-20 hindsight. In fact, you're in crowded company. Just make sure you catch this development - before it catches you off-guard.

Private franchises are much more than a combination of the warehouse club, catalog and online service models. In addition, we offer incentive buying and performance bonuses that can propel you to any income level you desire. Since most of our bonuses are ongoing and can be willed to your heirs, you can truly be financially free with unlimited time and money to spend any way you desire.