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The 40/40 Plan (Job/Career/Profession)

1. 40+ hours/week for 40+ years - trading hours for dollars.
    • Many people are working two or more jobs today
    • We are working harder today and have less lifestyle
2. Substantial challenges in overcoming the four I's:
    • Inflation
    • Interest rates
    • Insurance
    • Income tax
According to the American Bankers Association, people reaching age 65:
    • 23% still working
    • 30% dependent on charity
    • 45% financially dependent on relatives
    •   2% are financially independent
Debt - People are spending over 20% more than they make.
    • Bankruptcies are at an all-time-high
    • Savings are at an all-time-low
Let's review what most people do to make money. The 40/40 plan limits our ability to create financial independence. Our pay is dependent on the actual hours we work and consequently our personal free time is severely diminished. The 40/40 plan offers inadequate solutions to the four I’s and may cause negative consequences.

Questions That Deserve Our Attention:
    • Can we achieve our dreams & goals with our current job/profession?
    • Are our jobs/careers consuming more time than expected?
    • Would our lifestyle change if we increased our time and financial resources?
    • Are there charities in need of our financial support?
    • Are we prepared for our children’s higher educational needs (private school/university)?
    • Does our family own the automobile(s) they need and desire?
    • Would we choose to live in a different home/location?
    • Is our debt load putting our family under stress?
    • Where would our family be if I could no longer provide for them?