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Quixtar (pronounced QUICK-STAR), Inc., a new company and a new business model developed specifically for the Internet, will be introduced Sept. 1, 1999 by the DeVos and Van Andel families, who own and operate numerous successful ventures around the world.
Independent business owners interested in capitalizing on the e-commerce wave will be rewarded by Quixtar through bonuses earned on the sales volume generated by customers and members they deliver to This business opportunity will particularly appeal to those who understand the power of e-commerce but don't necessarily have the expertise to develop their own web site or a high-quality line of products to market.

Work is well underway to build the Quixtar site. A highly skilled development team - the Internet Business Group - has been assembled to design and build the site, working with several companies that have proven to be top developers of e-commerce sites.

Microsoft Corp. is the key development partner, providing the technical platform, development tools, consulting, and direct support for web-based components of the project.
IBM participated in the upfront planning for the Quixtar business venture and will be providing the back-end systems and integration expertise to ensure has the muscle to handle the high volume of transactions expected. IBM has the capacity to handle up to one million hits per minute, which is more than 15,000 hits every second.
Quixtar will provide a great shopping opportunity for its members, who will enjoy a variety of benefits, such as special prices and unique offers. Currently, 35 store partners are signed, with an additional 1,500 under review. The eventual number of companies that could be linked to the site is unlimited.
Amway Corp., a debt-free multibillion-dollar company, will provide the warehousing and distribution of products through its $10 billion infrastructure. Though Quixtar initially will be available exclusively in the U.S.A. and Canada, the company is well-positioned to expand around the globe. Because Quixtar utilizes Amway Corporation's infrastructure and compensation plan, Quixtar has the potential to expand into the 80 countries and territories Amway Corporation services throughout the world.
The leader in providing the human resources component of the project is World Wide Group. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, World Wide Group has developed a premier reputation for its training in subscriber-base building and professional development.